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Running Away

I printed the letter last night and I mailed it this morning. Since then I've had a strange sinking feeling and I'm seriously having second thoughts.

I emailed my sister and my mom to give them a heads up. I told my mom to give me a call so we could talk about it. I figured she would have a better sense of when she could talk without my Dad around. But she never called. I tried to call her this morning, but didn't catch her. I suspect she's mad that I'm doing this. I don't really know, but I'm just not feeling good about this.

I leave tomorrow morning for my cruise. It's weird going off like this. Away from phones, emails, etc, and not knowing what is going to be going on while I'm gone. It's kind of scarey. When I get back, my world will have changed. For the better or for the worse it will have changed. Which way is still to be determined.

I mailed the letter today. So I think it will arrive on Monday. That's the day. But I won't know until I get back to San Diego on Sunday. When I can call my sister and get the damage assessment. I'm hoping and praying that my Dad will surprise me.

I've cried more this week than I have in the past year. I didn't realize this would be so hard, or that it was so important to me.