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Music to Come Out to

Listening to some very positive, affirming music these last couple of days. It kind of sits in the background and slowly forms in my subconscious. My two favorites:

"Here's Where I Stand" from the movie CAMP.

Here in the Dark
I stand before you
This is my chance to show you my heart
This is the start, this is the start.

I have so much to say and I'm hoping
That your Arms are open
Don't turn away, don't you need me?
But you have to hear me.

Here's where I stand,
Here's who I am
Love me, but don't tell me who I have to be
Here's who I am,
I'm what you see.

And "I Know Who I Am" by Heather Small:

Tell me why should it be that we can't say what we mean?
Well, I've had enough
I've had enough

I saw the truth in your lies, I see a veil of disguise
Can't do this any longer
I've finally opened my eyes, it's left me nowhere to hide
Yeah I've been getting stronger

Must follow my star, and you need to find out who you are
See I understand, I know who I am.

And I've sent an email to my Mom and sister giving them a heads up.

In the mean time, it's work, work, and work. And getting ready for my cruise!!