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Waiting For The Rain

All weekend I was waiting for the rain. It's August in DC. The dog days when it's just unbelievably humid. Most days, late in the afternoon, the humidity will peak, the clouds will roll in, and a nice little thunderstorm will entertain us for a few minutes. Well I guess it's entertaining if you aren't outside and getting wet. But I love thunderstorms. And I really wanted one this weekend. It was hot and humid, but apparently not hot and humid enough. And I sort of wanted an excuse to be inside on a weekend when I was just basically a slug and needed some downtime to recuperate.

The rain came today, twice. Once while I was at work. Which does me no good. I like to be some place relaxing during a thunderstorm. I want to be laying in bed and watch the rain dance across the windows. I want to see the quick flash of lightening and then count for the thunder. But this afternoon it was just a good solid rain and then it went away and it was still hot and sticky. Just after I got home from the gym, we had a good rain. A pretty decent downpour, some lightening, some wind, some thunder. I was curled up on the couch watching the movie "CAMP." So I finally got my thunderstorm. It was perfect.

Spinning the subject wheel:

So our Director of Process Improvement comes into my office and says to me: "How do you get your arms so big?" I could have kissed him. This was on Friday and I was wearing one of my gay shirts where the shirt sleeve is kind of small so it accentuates my biceps. And it obviously worked. I told him that my personal trainer was punishing me.

Spinning again:

I've got really bad stubble burn. I like facial hair, it's kind of sexy. But guys, I know this is girly, but you need to use conditioner on it or it will get hard and stubbly like a brillo pad. Anyways, I'm kissing this guy, maybe a little bit too passionately, and his goatee was just killing me. So now I've got really bad stubble burn on my lips. Which is NOT sexy, and it really hurts. I've been using Carmex like crazy. Hopefully it will go away soon. It's just killing me!