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Mad Max DC: Beyond K St

Okay I will admit that I have one of the easiest commutes in the DC area. DC has the third worst traffic in the country and I cannot even fathom having to drive from Fairfax into the city much less Herndon, Leesburg or even, dear God, West Virginia. I live in Dupont and I drive to Rosslyn. So that's maybe three miles one way? And I drive because I'm at the beck and call of my customer who is not metro accessible. But I digress. Yes I am very lucky to have a really short commute. Not I-66, 395, or the beltway for me. But that doesn't mean that I don't have to deal with the bonehead drivers that love to come into the city. And today was a beauty. I had not one, not two, but three guys who were in the right lane make a left turn in front of me. I had one guy decide that one lane wasn't good enough for him, he needed to use two. One guy who not only cut me off, then decides to park in a non-parking lane.

So it's times like these that I want my Volvo (back off!) to be packed with weapons. Not weapons of mass destruction. Not rocket launchers or big ole machine guns. Nope, I want to push a little button in my console a la James Bond and have a paint ball gun pop out of the hood. It would come with a heads up targeting screen that displays on the front windshield and when some idiot cuts me off, I'd blast them with a couple of paint balls. So, how's that black paint looking on your precious red SUV Mr. "I Own The Road"? How's a little blue paint on your yellow cab Mr. "I'll Pull A U-Turn Any Time I Want"? Go ahead, make my day!!

Spinning The Subject Wheel (STSW): What's with guys in business suits and flip flops? Did I miss a memo? Again? The last couple of days I've seen a couple of guys in like dress slacks, dress shirts, tie a bit undone, and flip flops on walking down L St after work. Today I saw some guy in a full suit with flip flop? Okay I can understand women wearing tennis shoes going to/from work. But guys wearing flip flops? If your dress shoes hurt that bad, they you've bought the wrong kind.

STSW: So I'm at the gym tonight doing the bike and watching the news. Appparently Jack Abamoff finally got indicted. They showed a picture and all I can say is YUMMY! Tall, a bit older, very professional looking, good build, and looking damn good in that suit. So is it bad that I've got the hots for a guy who's been funneling money to Tom DeLay and is probably going to jail? Wait, don't answer that.