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A Slow Transition . . . .

. . . . back to reality.

It started on Saturday. I went to the Boatslip to lay out, and you can tell the crowd had started to change. Bear week was over and a new week was starting. So there were fewer bears, and more . . . . other types of folks. More lesibians, more twinks, more older circuit guys. At the tea dance, the crowd was much more mixed than before. But just as much fun. Everyone dancing and having a really good time. Here's a pic of me at the Boatslip.

More fun t-shirts:

1. Dip me in honey and feed me to the lesbians. (on a straight guy!)
2. Dump Him!
3. My GI Joes are Doin' it!
4. Your grandma called, she want's her hair-do back!

The last tea dance was just awesome and DJ MaryAlice hooked me up with some amazing CDs. She rocks!

After dinner I went to the A-House and danced some more. There were plenty of hot guys there.

But I think the week was catching up with me, so I ended up crashing a bit early.

I decided to catch an early ferry/shuttle so I got back to DC around 330ish. I walked off the plane and just got hammered by the heat and humidity. Ugh!

And now I'm taking a break from laundry and work. No more vacations for me till September. Unless I go to NYC in August. Hmm, let me think about that a bit.