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More T-Shirt Slogans from Ptown

I find the sexual innuendo t-shirts funny, but a little bit old. So I'm just sticking to the funny random ones I've spotted in the last couple of days:

1. I'm not staring at you, I'm studying my prey.
2. I'd love you if you were more like me.
3. I Beat Anorexia. (in big letters on a BIG bear!)

Still having a great time. I've managed to get quite a little tan going. The weather continues to be AMAZING here. Sunny, hot. So hot I got into the ocean. BRRR! Another great T Dance and tonight is the Ptown Fireman's Ball to help raise money for their unit. Apparently bears are gear freaks and own fireman's uniforms. I'll be wearing a tank that has NYFD on it.