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Discipline (and lack there of)

I was raised in a fairly strict household. Dad was an office in the Army. We lived in the south. It was always "Yes, sir" and "No, Ma'am." Then I went to the Naval Academy. A little bit more discipline there too. Then the Navy for 11 years. So do you see the trend? But it's weird, I've got lots of discipline in some parts of my life, but not in others.

Discipline. If it's work related, I'm pretty strict with myself. Work late, work on weekends, get the job done no matter the costs. If it's money related, I'm fairly strict. I don't go on shopping binges, I put money away every month. Stuff like that.

But if it's personal stuff, I have no discipline. I've never been able to control what I eat. I try. I really do, but I need to work late so I end up drink full strength Cokes and eating bad food. See one form of discipline overrides the other.

So I set a goal for myself to loose some weight by Memorial Day, and it's not going to happen. Usually I have arranged some sort of trip or something as incentive to loose the weight. And then when the date arrives and I haven't lost the weight, I still end up going becuase it's all been arranged.

However, this time is different. I have not lost the weight I wanted to loose, so I decided to cancel my trip to Chicago for Memorial Day. I ended up "eating" the one night in the hotel as part of the cancellation fee. Oh well. So no IML for me this year. No hunky men in leather. Yes I'm bummed, but maybe it will give me some incentive. I've already paid for the trip to Ptown in July and I must lose weight by then. Even if I am going for bear week.

Okay, so I'm not going to IML for Memorial Day. So should I shave off the beard/goatee? That is the question.