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Bob the Builder??

Okay, I spent some "quality" time in the office this weekend. Yes, I know. Wow, what a shocker. There's actually a couple of fairly decent reasons. I ended up going to this conference this week and with the trip to Charleston the week before and then last weekend's crazy schedule I was soooo far behind. The conference I went to was for work, so the usual power geeks and business development/snack oil salemen. I ended up talking to one guy and I walked away feeling like I had gotten slimed. The best part of the conference was this speech by a guy who used to work in the DoD Office of Transformation. It was a really good mix of international relations, national security, and information technology. Just fascinating. And it got me thinking about that Masters I have collecting dust. It would really be cool to do something with my masters. I ended up buying his book (and the new New Order CD!) and I want to start to read it in all of my [sarcasm] spare [/sarcasm] time.

The other reason I went into the office is because I had a fair number of people working this weekend on the latest release. So I felt guilty about them working, so I came into the office even though I could do most of the work from home. Usually going into the office is better since I don't surf that much at work and I can usually focus. But not this weekend. I ended up spending too much time cleaning up my office. I ended up just junking reams and reams of paper. So much old crap I've collected in my nearly 4 years (and 5th office) at my company. Going through some of the various folders and piles of paper, I found old medical claims, minutes for old, old meetsin, copies of my security clearance info, and a "Bob the Builder" coloring book. What the f&^k? I have no idea what that was doing there. But I'm going to bring it home and take it to Charlotte when I go out to LA for the 4th of July.