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Take Me Out . . . . .

a) to the ball game.
b) and just shoot me.
c) get me drunk and just have your way with me.

I'd like (c), but in reality it's (b), and as far as (a) goes: stop the madness. Yes baseball is back in Washington DC. I got the memo. The flier. The umpteen million articles in the papers. The never ending babble on the radio. The forever coverage on the TV. I'm surprised I haven't seen the f&*king Good Year blimp over the District. So it's been 34 years since baseball was in DC. You'd think it was 34 years since they'd gotten laid or something.

Okay, maybe I'm over-reacting a bit. I am sort of excited and have some tickets to some of the games. Now if I only had a date. . . .

Another "Take Me Out" is a play about a baseball player who comes out of the closet. Saw it in NYC and it was awesome. It's coming here this summer and I'm trying to organize a group to go during Pride week. We'll see.

So I wrote a huge fricken check to DC for taxes. $3500 I owed for the privilege of living in the District. Hell, even Jeff Gannon doesn't charge that much.