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"Fat is the New Black"

Atleast according to Joe.My.God (

So it figures that I actually lost 3 pounds this past week. So yes the obsessive compulsive exercising and dieting is working. Though I will admit that in a moment of weakness today I had two, yes two, sugary sweet full strength Cokes. It was like the elixier of life. Sugar and caffeine, who needs drugs when you've got friends like that to help you through the day.

Joe (and some of the other bloggers from NYC) seem to be bears. And I wonder why I'm attracted to them. I do go to Blow Off this weekend. It's this little basement bar underneath the 930 Club where the former leader of the Husker Du spins really cool indie music to a collection of bears. And while bears have a reputation for being friendly, I was pretty much ignored. I think I'm too thin to be a bear. Plus I have no facial hair. I'm too cute to be a bear. To old to be a twink. To fat to be a gym bunny. I am an island in the gay community. Oh well.

Best blog surfing today was to: Such a great open letter to his community letting them know how their ignorance and bigotry is impacting him. Plus, hello hottie!!