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Blow Off and "Being Invisible"

So a short recap of the weekend. After several failed attempts to get a decent disco nap in, I gave up, watched some DVDs, and then got dressed and headed for Blow Off. This time is was in the 930 club's main room and it was *packed*. Lots of hot men, some shirtless, standing around, dancing, etc. It was very nice and I saw quite a few people I recognized. It's odd that I recognize people from blogs, other bars, etc, but I really don't know them. That's the introvert in me. I just suck at going up to people and saying hello. And a couple of the people I know from their blogs I find attractive/interesting/etc, but again, I'm not going to go up to them like some potential stalker and tell them I know them from their blog. I ran into a friend of a friend and ended up dancing with him and his group of friends. All bears. And I got sort of friendly with one, and I'm not sure why since I had no intention of it going anywhere. It was just some friendly hooching. He told me he wanted to contact me and now I feel guilty for leading him on. Damn that conscience of mine!

"Being Invisible." One of the many things I just LOVE about being gay in DC is that it is a small community, so you'll run into people you've dated over, and over, and over again. Most of the time, I try to be decent about it. Look them in the eye, do the friendly nod/smile thing, and then keep going. Kind of regardless of how the dating thing ended. So, I'm at my gym and one of the guys I went out with only once, but we talked on the phone a lot, is there. His training is like 6-7PM, and mine is 630-730 PM. So I see him, and try to do the friendly nod thing, and I'm completely ignored. Like I'm not even there. Like I'm invisible. Okay, I got the message loud and clear that you didn't want to date, but I'm thinking it takes what a couple dozen of muscles to nod/smile back. I know, I know. I'm talking about gay men here. What am I expecting? I'm not sure. But maybe a little bit more.