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The Birth and Death of a Blog

We know how a blog is born.

Some one decides that they have something to say about something or anything really. They sign up with one of the blog sites, and they are off an running. Their daily, weekly, or random musings are available for anyone to find, stumble upon, etc. Their are personal blogs (like mine or Joe's who's blog birthday is today), political blogs (my favs: and, blogs about fashion, or sex, or almost anything uder the sun.

But what about when a blog dies?

I've seen blogs die. Geekslut died earlier this year. He got tired of writing, said he was going to convert it into an audio blog, but we haven't heard from him since. After reading his blog for awhile, you get the sense that you know this person somehow and when he stops blogging, there's a silence in your head. There's something missing. I guess that he's gotten sucked into work or maybe something personal that takes alot of his time and so he doesn't blog anymore. I wish him the best. He was a great blogger and one of the bloggers I saw at blogjam that lead to the creation of this blog.

I'm more concerned about Soul Of a Sailor and Day Dreamer. I found them via Andrew Sullivan and they are two gay, partnered, active duty military guys. Both had served in Iraq and despite some of their conservative ideas, I really liked, and respect them. A couple of days after they were mentioned in Andrew Sullivan's post, their blogs died. Or more appropriately, their blogs ceased to exist. There was a simple post saying that their blogs had been put on hiatus. But not only are they not blogging, their archives are gone also. Except for the fact that their blog front page is still there, it's almost like they don't exist. Since I've never the trusted the Don't Harrass part of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, I wonder if the silencing of their blogs is due to the fact that they are in the military and gay. I miss their bloggings. I hope they come back one day, rising like the phoenix from the flames.