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Petty People

So I updated my profile on (yeah, hope springs eternal) and that for some reason kicks my profile up a notch on the search function and so I’ve gotten a couple of emails. One of the emails is from a guy and in his email he asks for a response “pro or con.” So I send him an email saying thanks, but not really what I’m looking for. So I get another email from him. Which is odd. I’m thinking maybe it’s a thanks for atleast responding since sometimes people don’t respond. And really, how hard is it to write a short email that says, thanks, but I don’t think we’re a good match and then just leave it at that. But it’s not a thank you email. It’s a petty little email saying that he had clicked me by mistake and that he meant to send the email to the guy with muscles. Wow. Kind of sad. Look if you can’t handle rejection, then don’t ask for a response: “pro or con.” I could have just ignored you like most gay guys would. So, anyways, petty people. Just not nice.