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Palm Springs

It's supposed to be warm. Palms Springs at the end of January, right? I get off the plane and it's a bit nippy. Did I even pack a long sleeve shirt or a sweater? Oh well, I'll deal.

My mid winter little break was courtesy of Jeff's job. He had to go out there for work, and they ended up renting a house to save the non-profit he works for some money, so I tagged along. So while they worked (7:30AM-1PM), I would lay out by the pool and just relax, read, and work on my tan. After the first day, the weather did improve a bit and it was nice to sit in the sun in my little square cut bathing suit slathered in SPF 15. And when I wanted to take a break, there was the pool and hot tub. So it was rough. But I managed.

Palm Springs is apparently the Mecca for gay men for the White Party that happens over Easter Weekend. Thousands (like 30,000) gay men descend on this very picturesque city to dance the weekend away, most of them high on various chemical enhancements. But for the rest of the time, I guess it's got a decent size gay population, but it's not huge.

On Monday night, after dinner, I decided to go out out to check out the time. Okay, first mistake: going out on a Monday night. I went to Hunters the video bar. It was dead. But I did stay for a red bull (second mistake) and saw one of my favorite Kylie videos (On a Night Like This). Then I headed to this tiki bar. Wow. How tragic. There was a small crowd there, mainly older men, and a really, really, really bad drag queen hosting some sort of kareoke night. I didn't even stay for a drink. Okay, I'm thinking, let's go to the ToolShed, a levi/leather place. I drive over and I walk into the bar. All of the lights are on and they are playing Bingo. I stopped, frozen, by the strange horrific sight in front of me. Bingo? At a leather bar? Have you no shame? I turned around and went back to the house and then channel surfed for a couple of hours since I still "on" from the red bull. Damn those wings!

One of the best things about the trip to Palm Springs was the excusion we made out to the Joshua Tree National Park. Before we left, everyone was telling me to bring a coat. I had a little wind breaker, but I thought, we're going to the desert. Were not going to get cold. But out of peer pressure I brought it. OH MY GAWD. So glad I did. JTNP is in the high desert. As in higher elevation. So when we go there, I'm immediately putting on the jacket. In the sun it wasn't that bad. But when the wind picked up, or when we were in the shadows, it got seriously cold. But we hiked up one of the mountains and it was just amazingly beautiful. Here are a couple of photos.