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The Sights and Smells of Charleston

Down in Charleston for a work conference. I come down here every other month or so. It's nice. I stay in the downtown area and I've been told it's like a cleaner, smaller New Orleans. Still need to go there.

Anyways, it smells here. Bad. Really bad. Even inside. It's that close to a paper mill or industrial plant type smell. Some people say it's the swamp near by. I'm not sure sure. I just know if smells awful. And you can't hide from it. It's everywhere.

Heading back to DC tonight. My plans for this weekend? A little bit of MAL fun. My "Lord of the Rings" movie marathon. Some quality gym time. Work on updating my resume. And get some quality nap time in. NO WORK!!!

Oh well, a better blog entry soon. I promise.