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Three things you shouldn't talk about at a dinner party as you are sure to ruffle some feathers. Alteast that's what Emily Post says. But this isn't a dinner party, it's my blog so damn the rules!!!

Let's do politics first. My academy class has a mailing list. Actually we have two. One is for general information (hey we've gotten married, had kids, I'm looking for a job, etc) and one is for political discussions. At one point the first mailing list got bogged down with politics and alot of people got turned off by it, so they created a separate mailing list. But then no one was using it to talk about anything relevant. Enter Trey, the instigator. Wait, strike that. That sounds like I was doing this for fun or part of some larger plot. It wasn't like that. As Academy graduates, we are now moving into positions of authority in both the civilian and military world. We should be having discussions about the various topics that impact us as Academy graduates and US citizens. So I offered up Andrew Sullivan's review of some books on the torture at Abu Ghraib as a starting point. There has been some "discussion", and by "discussion" I mean dismissing of the accusations, calling the sources I used liberal or my favorite "whackjobs." I expected my classmates to be a bit right of center. But this raises the question, at what point does your own internal prejudices blind you to facts that go against your arguement or support an opposing position? In the latest salvo, one of my classmates didn't even address the FBI memo that I had attached to the email. In it, it states that there were techniques authorized by Bush that were beyond what the FBI allows. If that isn't the most PC cover for torture, I don't know what is. Anyways, it will be interesting to see if the discussion changes anyone's minds. Mine included.

Sex. It was MAL this weekend. And usually a good time had by all. But not for me. I didn't really partake of the fun. I did go to the leather mart and was looking for a pair of leather chaps. I did find some really cool leather jackets (at like $800!!!) and then of course, I had to run into someone who works for me. Can you say "embarrasing"? And then to make matters worse, we ended up talking about what color striping I wanted on the chaps. Blue, definitely blue. That's the only option!! I'm sure I'll get grief for it later. I did go to the dance. I saw quite a few people I recognized, including Andrew Sullivan and Jimbo. I think leather dances are better than regular circuit parties. Less attitude. Atleast from I can tell. Of course, I left around 3AM.

Religion? I think I'll pass tonight.