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Hillary, Del, and Sailing Away

Hillary. Well, I have to admit it was a killer speech. One of her best and I'm confident now that she's going to do her best to support the party, and support Obama. No Way. No How. No McCain. Now, that's a line!

Now if only her supporters would get the message. After the speech, CNN showed one woman who just couldn't let go. Asked if she would vote for McCain, she said no. Never. But she just wouldn't vote at all. HELLO! That's a vote for McCain then! Please wake up and smell the coffee. And then she said that she was a life long democrat, always voted, but that Obama would have to sell her. Come on people, if you're a life long democrat, then you shouldn't need to be sold on Obama. Obama needs to be focusing on the independents and the moderate republicans who are ashamed of what has happened to our country. He shouldn't have to work to convince you that he's pro-choice, pro-universal health care, wants to get out of Iraq, wants to the get the economy working again for all Americans, not just the wealthy few. If those are things you believe in, and things he believes in, I'm confused as to why you just can't realize that he's the best candidate for the country.

But enough of that.

On sadder news, Del Martin passed away today. My thoughts and prayers go out to Phyllis, her wife. In one of the newspaper articles I read it said, "She is survived by her partner of 55 years and wife of 2 months, Phyllis Lyons." I read that sentence and almost cried. Thank God that she lived long enough to see her relationship recognized by her friends, her family, and the government. How sad that it was taken from her so soon.

Off to Seattle with Musuem Man tomorrow. We're meeting up with his family and sailing around the San Juan Islands. Hope to get lots of pictures.

Have a great Labor day everyone!

Take a Bow

Does anyone else think Hillary is starting to sound like Bush?

Bush: We've made advances in the war, we're at a turning point, we're defeating the insurgents, the Al-Qaeda, the Shiites, the Sunnis. We just need to give the surge a chance. He's a master at moving the goal posts so he can continue to fight the war which is his legacy. But his legacy will the trillions of dollars we've spent and the countless lives ended or harmed by this unnecessary war.

Clinton: It's all about Iowa. We're going to fight in New Hampshire. We're going to win Super Tuesday. It's all about Pennslyvania. Indiana. West Virginia. We've won more votes. More primaries. We just need more time to fight for this election. She continues to move the goal posts because this is supposed to be her legacy. And in the end, her legacy will be the damage that she will do to the Democratic Party. How sad.

Please Hillary, Take a Bow:

But you put on quite a show
You really had me goin'
But now it's time to go
Curtains finally closin'
That was quite a show
Very entertainin'
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow