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Brought To You By the Letter . . .

I.  As in Introvert.  Now most people don't believe me when I say I'm an introvert.  ISTJ for those Meyers's Briggs fans.  I usually say that the Navy forced me to be a functional extrovert.  All of that leadership crap and stuff.  And I can do okay in small crowds.  But I'm definitely not someone who gets their energy from going out and interacting with people.  I'm totally good just being by myself and chilling.  Which makes it sort of completely natural that I'm traveling alone.  Well, that and not many people could get the time off.  But the common every day interactions with people is good enough for me.  I don't need to engage people and I usually don't.  

Sometimes that's a good thing.  Like on my last tour in Darwin where I ran into an older American who was traveling alone.  He kept trying to chat me up (he was straight, I just think he was looking to talk to someone) and said how he felt like he had to be an ambassador for the US.  And I said I agreed.  I was apologizing a lot.  And he looked at me weird.  He's like.  Well we have a democracy and Trump was elected and people need to get over it.  And I *really* didn't want to engage, but he wouldn't let it go.  So I was like, well, Hillary got more votes even if the Russians did help him.  And he got mad.  And I'm like, those are the facts, right?  And he was like, well I wish people would let him run the country.  And I said, look I want him to succeed, but you can't tell me that Ben Carson or Betsy Devon are even remotely qualified to lead their departments.  And that's when I think we mutually agreed to just discuss the tour.  Sigh.

Sometimes being an introvert isn't a good thing.  It keeps me from going up to meeting with guys I find attractive.  So that's kind of bummer.  And those hotness factor here in Sydney is pretty high.  Lots of woofy bearded guys.  I'm trying to be "Australian Trey" and be more outgoing, but it's not my nature.  So it's a challenge.  A little liquid courage helps.  But wow the alcohol is sad here. They do these weird thimble like measured pours and the drinks are not cheap.  So that's a bummer.  And the Australian dollar is cheaper than the US dollar, but not by much.  

Off to New Zealand tomorrow where I'll meet my sister.  Should be a blast.  I'll do a Mardi Gras wrap up post next!