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Bangkok Remix

So sadly I have not been hitting the clubs here in Bangkok, so I have no idea what the kids are listening to these days.  :-)   But that's okay.   


Another early get up to the gym and then the Sky Train and the Express Boat up to Wat Arun.  Wat Arun is the third major temple complex in Bangkok and the only one on the left side of the river.   The capital used to be on the left side, and then it moved across the river where KPW and Wat Pho became the major temples.   Anyways, Wat Arun has a Khmer style tower that is pretty distinctive.  Sadly most of it was covered in scaffolding, but it was still pretty.  And you could climb part of it!  Instead of gold leaf, it's covered in ornate flower mosaics made from broken porcelain.  So it's really kind of cool.  It was also not nearly as crowded so I was nice to wander a bit.  


Afterwards I made my  way back across the river to walk through Chinatown.  So the good thing is that I found one of the big markets that not only had tons of vegetables of every kind you can imagine, but also the flower market!  Orchids, azeleas, roses, you name it.  And they were making all sort of weaths and other types of arrangements with the flowers.  Later I saw them for sale outside of the temples.  Not sure why I didn't notice that before.  The whole place was just an amazing combination of smells and it was out of the sun so that was good.  So it smelled devine and it was out of the sun!  The bad thing is that I either completely underestimated how long it would take to get to the Golden Buddha, or I got lost.  Or both.  And I've mentioned the brutal heat/sun, right?  But I finally found the Golden Buddha and checked it out.  I feel a bit odd when the Thais come in and start praying in front of me.  Not sure why since it would be just like someone coming into a church in Europe and start praying.  But it just feels a bit different.  Anyways, at this point my feet were just done!  I took a tuk-tuk back to the hotel and climbed onto a lounge chair that was in the pool area and just relaxed for a bit.  When you've walked 16K steps before noon, you can take a break.


My last night in Bangkok I had two quentissential experiences.  Please note that I didn't say good.  First I got a massage.  A real one with oil.  I've always got dry skin so I figure being slathered and pummeled in oil would be good.  Meh, I've had better.  I got asked twice if I wanted the "special" massage.  And I said no.  The third time she specified exactly why it was "special".  Um, still no.  

Second, I went to have dinner at the hawker area of Chinatown.  Basically there's this stretch of a road in Chinatown where all of these stalls cook various foods and you sort of eat your way down the street.  It's supposed to be delicious and cheap!  Well it was definitely cheap.  After my super spicy dinner the night before, I stuck to what I knew.  Pork buns, pork wontons, & noodles with roasted duck.  So the thing is that in addition to these stalls on the side of the road, they've put out little tables where you are on the sidewalk or literally in the gutter.  So as you are eating, you get a pretty horrible combination of cigarrette smoke (because EVERYONE is smoking), car exhaust since the cars are RIGHT THERE, and every once in awhile a nice rancid smell from the sewer.  So no matter how good the food is, if what you are smelling is not great, it's hard to really enjoy the meal.  So it was an experience, but not one I'm sure I'll try again.    

Back to the hotel to pack before my flight to Phnom Penh.