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Phuket Layover


So I left Yangon and made it to Phuket safely!  So that's always a plus.  The only downside is that when I was passing through DMK (Bangkok's BWI), the security guys took the shell casing from my Dad's funeral that was on my key chain. I tried to explain to them that it was just a shell and I think the guy felt bad, but no joy.  So a little bummed by that. 

Made it to Phuket and grabbed a cab to my hotel.  So I decided after Myanmar that I wanted to get back to my comfort zone, so I used points to stay at the Renaissance.  Yes, #MarriottWhore.  The hotel is nice and on a great stretch of beautiful beach.  The first thing I did when I got to my room, I mean other than crank the AC down?  I hit the gym.  I'm feeling all Fatty McFatterson lately.  After that, it was open bar from 6-630 pm.  The mojito was iffy, but the Mai Tai rocked.  After a too spicy Thai dinner, I crashed hard.


Today was mainly a chores day.  Gym.  Sent out my laundry to be done.  Then headed into Phuket town to do some shopping and to get my ferry ticket.  It's like an hour ride to Phuket town and there really isn't much there.  I'm not exactly sure where the party scene in Phuket is, and there definitely is one, but I didn't see it.  I did find a pair of swim trunks that I needed to buy.  I only brought one pair with me and between the 4 days on the boat and then my trip to Fiji, I needed another pair.  Hey, it was 8 bucks. 


Came back to the hotel and chilled by the pool.  Lots of kids here which is weird after the last hotels I've stayed at.  And lots of Russians.  Of course, if you lived in Russia, now would be a good time to go some place warm.   

Tomorrow AM I take a cab down to the harbor and catch a ferry to one of the nearby islands, Ko Phi Phi.  That's where I catch the 4 day cruise I'm taking.  It's a 25m catamaran and we'll be hitting three different islands including Kho Raja Noi where the movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DeCaprio was filmed.  So I'll be completely off the grid for a bit.  Hopefully I'll have some amazing pics when I get back online.