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Hillary Is A Killer!

I went up to Ptown for the Thanksgiving week.  I had a nice, relaxing, week, but with the wind it was brutally cold.  But I survived. The wind and the cold reminded me that last year my electrical bill in the winter was insane.  And I wasn't even there.  Per my condo rules, I have to keep the thermostat at 55 degrees so that the pipes don't freeze.  And I guess doing that cost me a lot of money last year.

So this year I thought I would take some time to winterize my condo.  Put weatherstrips down, some caulk around the window, etc.  I'm lucky that there is a hardware store just around the corner so when I forget stuff (which I always do) I can just walk back over.

On my second trip to pick up weather strips, I was in line behind a guy who was asking about  bumper stickers:

"I"m looking for a bumper sticker."  - Random Guy.
"They are all over there," says the Guy Behind The Counter.
"I"m looking for a specific one." - RG
"They are all over there.  That's what we have." - GBTC

"I'm looking for one that says 2016 Election = Disaster." - RG

And then it happens:

"Well that's all we have.  And I'm not sure I agree it was a disaster.  I'm glad Trump won.  Hillary is a killer.  I don't want a killer to be President and Hillary is a killer."

Now I had stood in line minding my own business and was kind of amused about the bumper sticker conversation until we got to the "Hillary is a killer" line.

So Ptown is blue.  Like not even Navy blue.  Try deep indigo blue.  But I'm sure there are Trump supporters there, but the whole "Hillary is a Killer" thing threw me for a loop.

Look, I know there's an argument to be made that she was somehow responsible for the deaths in Bengazi.  But there have been something like 8 official investigations and they all prove she didn't do anything wrong.  And even if she did, I really don't think you can call her a killer.   But this guy was.  Repeatedly.

I stood there and didn't say a word.  The check outline is the wrong place to have any type of real conversation.  And how do you talk with someone who is convinced that Hillary is a killer?   What facts or basic elements of reason could I use at this point that he would listen to and actually consider?  What could I say to change his mind?

So I just stood there until it was my turn, I paid for my purchase and left.  Feeling more than a little bewildered and definitely very sad.