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It's February Already?

So one month down and 11 to go.  And I'm sort of off to an uneven start on my new years resolutions.  

I did manage to go some place I've never been before:  Honduras.  As part the Big Gay Cruise we pulled into Roatan in Honduras.  It was okay.  The weather was kind of crappy so my excursion to the beach resort was kind of a bust.  I think if you are a scuba person, then it might be worthwhile to go.  Otherwise, I'm not too sure.  We also went to Cozumel & Grand Caymen (where I only got off the ship to eat and find some wifi) as well as Belize.  I actually highly recommend Belize.  Not Belize City which apparently has the murder rate of Chicago, but the islands off of Belize or into the jungle to see the Mayan ruins.  John and I went there for a week and had a blast (except when I threw my back out, but details).  

The being healthy thing is still a work in progress.  I came back from the cruise with a cold and my shoulder is still messed up, so my gym workouts are limited.  But I'm trying.  I had some very interesting moments on the BGC where I realized that I'm tired of being me.  That I want to be someone else.  Which I know is weird since my life doesn't suck that much at all.  I'm pretty lucky/blessed.  But it doesn't stop me from me wanting something else, to wanting to be someone else.  And I know I'm limited by age and genetics, but still.

Spinning the subject wheel.  I can't with politics these days.  It's all so sad and depressing on so many fronts.  And I fear the madness will only get worse.  It's going to be a long 10 months till November.

More blogging soon!