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Special Torture

So after the cruise (and yes I'll come back to that), I decided it was time to really got back to the gym.  So I signed up for a personal trainer and now I've got a perky little sweet young thing who has never had a weight problem in her life punishing me on a weekly basis.  So I've got that going for me.

Anyways, tonight was an "off" night but I still wanted to work out and I thought I would hit the pool.  My self esteem crushing gym (SECG) has two of those flowing pools where the water flows and you sort of swim in the middle?  I've used them before and they are not particularly fun, but they are good work out.  So I decided to do the treadmill for 30 minutes and then swim for 30 minutes.

Which is all good, but this required me to use the locker room at the gym.  And that's normally something I avoid.  Ostensibly because I live a block away so I can change at home, walk to the gym, work out, come home, shower and change, etc and so I don't need to lug my gym bag full of stuff there.  Now the real reason is that like most gay men I've got a healthy case of body dysmorphia.  And since half the guys at my gym look like porn stars, I've just avoided the locker room.  Why feed my body issues (so it speak).

Anyways, I braved the ripped abs and chiseled torsos in the locker room, changed into my swim suit and went down to the pools.  I got in and finagled with the controls.  You need the water flowing at a certain rate so you stay in the middle of the pool.  If you swim to slow, you ended up banging your feet on the back rim.  If you swim to fast, you jam your hand on the metal covering of the water pump.  So I get in and set it for a moderate pace.  I haven't swum in while.  So I get into position.

And that's when I notice there is a mirror below the water pump.  It's there to help you stay in the right position in the pool.  Which is great.  But unfortunately it also shows my whale-like body that I'm pulling through the water.


Isn't the exercise punishment enough?

And now I can't lift my arms.  That's normal.  Right?