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Home for the Holidays

To the oxygen and humidity deficient Colorado Springs.

I went for a three mile walk this morning and I felt like I needed to carry my own oxygen bottle with me.  And have I mentioned how dry it is here?  It's pretty bad.  Plus, my Mom is cold all the time so the house is like a sauna.  So good times.

Let's see, where was I?

So I was actually in Charleston for my birthday.  Charleston is great.  North Charleston, where my meetings were is not.  It's really kind of sketchy/seedy/sad.  Strip malls, pawn shops, and payday loan places.  Kind of sad. 

The good news is that I caught an earlier flight out of Charleston so I actually got home at an early time and had drinks and dinner with Museum Man.  So that was fun.

And then I threw my little bday/Christmas party on the following Friday which was fun.  We had champagne with mixers and Barbi-tini's.  Don't ask.  And amazingly enough I didn't wake up with a hangover.  So that was good.

It looks like it will snow here Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day.  That's great.  As long as I can get my flight back on the 26th!

Merry Christmas to all!