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Look, I'm Not Judging . . . .

I swear.

But do you really think it's a good idea to vogue to Lady Gaga on the elliptical at the gym?

First of all, I thought you were going to hit me a couple of times when you flung your arms out.

Second, I mean . . . . and again I'm not judging . . . . . . and yes it's a gay/gay friendly gym . . . . and good for you for living out loud . . . . but maybe you can figure out a better way to work your upper arms.

And I want to make clear that I love The Lady. It's all about Bad Romance. The dance remix of course!

So yes I'm back at the gym. After eating our way around the Mediterranean, then Las Vegas, then Disney, then France, and then the holidays, it was time to start to battle the bulge again. As I said to LawyerX, "Love Made Me Fat."

So it's back to the gym and back on Atkins.

LawyerX is trying to be supportive but he's not a fan of the effort. And to be honest with you, as cold as it has been in DC this winter, it's hard enough getting up and going to work, much less going to the gym.

Anyways, I've lost almost 4 pounds. I hope to lose a couple of more before we go to New Orleans for MLK weekend. Yes, there will be a diet hiatus while we are in New Orleans. Can you imagine going there and not eating or drinking? The horror!

But afterwards, it's back to the diet.