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43 (Or Officially Middle Aged)

Well, in theory I was going to have a combined bday/holiday party in early December. But then I caught a cold. And I decided that I didn't want infect my guests, so I cancelled it. Instead of having a ton of people over sampling my newest alcoholic delight (Elderflower Cosmos), I was sucking down herbal echinacea throat soothing tea. Lovely.

Now, my party wasn't actually on my birthday. My company's holiday party was on my real bday, so I wanted to have a party that was fun, with my friends at it, but instead, I ended up celebrating with my "friends" at work.

And did I mention this was the first time I was bringing LawyerX to a work function. So it's like a 2fer of fun!

Now mind you, everyone loved him. Of course. And we did have a fun time. And even though we had an open bar (but no top shelf liquor), we didn't get too trashed. Which isn't to say that I didn't have an adult beverage or two before my speech.

Oh yes, my speech.

There were several people there who knew it was my birthday, so I decided to take control of the situation. After dinner, I grabbed the mike from the DJ and said: "First of all, I want to thank everyone for coming to my birthday party. It's not every day that you turn 39, well I guess technically it's the 4th time, but I still want to say thanks for coming out to help me celebrate. I especially want to thank D (my CEO) for hosting the party, the open bar. D, you didn't need to wear a tux, but it was a nice touch. And I want to say thanks also for the great gifts (the door prizes that were being raffled off). Not sure how I'll get a 52" TV in a cab back to DC, but I'll try. And while I really do appreciate the gifts, would it have killed you to get them gift wrapped? I'm actually not on vacation next week, or on travel, so I'll be in the office next week if you want to stop by and say Happy Birthday to me personally." It was really funny and everyone was laughing. I got several high fives as I walked back to the table.

Back to the liquor. Let me tell you two words you never want to hear together. Smirnoff cosmo. Ugh. It was really awful.

And I did actually win one of the door prizes. Not the 52" television of course. By the time my name was drawn, the options were a Snuggy (no, I'm not joking), a chess set, or a $50 gift certifcate to PF Changs. So I went for the PF Changs gift certificate.

After the door prizes, there was dancing and LawyerX and I had a good time. Despite the DJ's attempt to hit all of the one hit wonders of the 1960s and 1970s, we did request some songs from this century. To include Beyonce's "Single Ladies" which was an homage to the recent engagement of our HR director. But I'm not sure anyone got it.

Anyways, it wasn't a bad way to celebrate #43.