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I'm Back

So I'm back from vacation to Europe with Lawyer X. We had a great time. It was interesting spending so much time with him and I think we learned a little bit more about each other. I think I only snapped at him twice. ;-)

So here's the deal. There is just no way I can write a trip report. Work is going to suck my will to live. So I'm going to try to post one photo a night and try to write a little bit something.

Oh, here's the deets for the vacation. Cruise with the Gays (see below), and then we went down to the Amalfi Coast for a few days to relax. One final day in Rome. And then back to DC. Had a great time. Ate way to much (Atkins started yesterday!) and spent too much (I do NOT want to see my Visa bill), but it was an amazing trip.