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A Thruple

So, I'm a little ashamed to say that I'm involved in a Thruple.

No, I'm not cheating on Lawyer X.

But I have met someone new. His name is Fritz.

Isn't he wonderful?

Yes I still have Sven. Hence my current tripartite relationship status. And while I did love Sven for a very long time, it's just gotten old between us. The love was gone. And so I kind of wandered a bit and then I found Fritz. He reminds me of the Baron, my first love. But with a cool, funky transformers thing going on.

Sadly, I think it's time for Sven and I to part ways. I want to say that I will always love him, but let's be honest. When I'm with Fritz and the top is
down, and BPM is playing loudly on the stereo as I cruise down 66, I won't be thinking about Sven..

Sven goes away
this weekend. To greener pastures where I hope someone will buy him, take care of him, and love him.