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Joint Custody and Those Crazy Fundies

So with Lawyer X virtually sequestered  preparing for some legal thing (yawn!) on Tuesday, I've gotten joint custody of the Princess.  I was just going to walk her highness this evening and then I succumbed to her "poor little me" look and decided that since Lawyer X was working late that she should spend the night with me.  She's already claimed her spot on my good red chair and when I went to fold some laundry she just hopped up on the bed and curled up.  No, please.  Make yourself at home!  I'm assuming that Lawyer X will show up at some point as well. 

And if this is all sounding slightly domesticated, it is.  And secretly I'm loving it.  
Now, I'm used to pop culture stealing things from gay culture and turning it into something hot and trendy.  I got that.  But now it seems the fundies are trying to steal some of our things and needless to say they aren't good at it.  Sigh.  Teabagging Parties?  Really?  Are you kidding me? 

And then it was Two Million For Marriage, but they thought they would be hip and call it 2M4M.  Wow.  Really.  Is it possible to be that cut off from reality?  Or to not have the common sense to look up what these things mean before you decide to make it the centerpiece of your political message?  Of course, considering who these people are and how archaic their political message is, I think they deserve all of the ridicule that they get!

These people really need to get a life.