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Mannequins, iMac, & Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

"Please don't touch the mannequins" I said sharply to Museum Man.

Lawyer X, MM, and I had come into the Commonwealth to do some chores and we were at the Sports Authority and MM was basically groping one of the mannequins. MM blushed and moved on. He was on a mission for some new sweat pants. I, on the other hand, was just window shopping looking for my next impulse purchase (which seems to happen a lot when I'm with those two!). And as I wandered I saw a really cool Underarmour baseball shirt on a mannequin. Grey, but with red sleeves. I looked at the shirts in the rack next to the mannequin and of course they didn't have a red one in my size. And then I thought. I wonder if the mannequin is wearing a medium. So I went up to the mannequin and looked at the tag on the shirt. Yep, a medium. And as I was feeling the fabric I may, keywork may, have touched the mannequin's chest.

"Um, did you just feel the mannequin's pecs?" Lawyer X said? Damn, busted! But I'm not going to let on. "No, I was just check in the material. So do you think they would let me take the shirt from the mannequin since they don't have any more mediums?" I asked to try to change the subject. "Oh, so now you want to see the mannequin shirtless." He responded. Sigh. I can't win. BTW, I did get the sales people to strip the shirt of the mannequin and that was an ordeal. They had to remove both of it's arms. Kind of disturbing.

So Apple just reduced the price of the iMacs and I'm going to take the plunge on Friday. My home PC is atleast 5 years old. I can't even load my digital pictures to it anymore without it just freezing up. My sister & BNL have an iMac and it's soooo pretty. And I like the huge 24" monitor. And sometimes size does matter.

Speaking of size, let's talk about shoe sizes. So Lawyer X is like the jolly green giant and I'm . . . . . um . . . . not. Not even close. So we head to Nordstroms to look at shoes and we both like the same pair. And he needs the extra large pair, and I need the rather small pair. The guy who was helping us looked at us and just laughed. Whatever. I'm getting the shoes! And they rule!

Oh, and Kelly (in the video below), totally NSFW.