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At Sea

So I woke up at 7 this morning. Sigh. It really is a curse being a morning person. But I figured I might as well hit the gym before it got too packed. And at 730AM, on the very first morning underway, the gym was already hopping! I got my burn in on an elliptical and then I did a set of legs. Mainly because they were the only machines that didn’t have a line waiting for it. Bench Press? Forget about it. Shoulder pulldown? Get in line. And the barbell area? Don’t even think about it. Oh well, maybe next time.

After the gym, it was time to hit the Oceanview café for a little breakfast. The food is good and there certainly is plenty of it. After a quick change, I headed up to the pool deck to grab a chair and begin my very strenuous day of tanning. And while the sun was out, it was VERY windy. Like almost cold windy. But I persevered and found a decent chair in the sun and began the basting process. At some point I sort of drifted off and it felt just so good. When I finally woke up I was like, hmm, time for a cocktail! And at this point it was getting warmer (maybe the wind was dying down?) and so a nice cold frothy drink was just what I needed. And that gave me theopportunity to look at the scenery. And did I mention my body dismorphia issues? Umm, can you figure out why I’ve got issues? Wait, don’t answer that.

After a rough day of tanning, it was time for the Dog Tag Dance. Military (or uniform of some sort) is the attire for the dance. And as you arrive, you get hande
d a dog tag upon which you put a sticker. Green for single and looking to mingle (or more). Yellow for buy me a drink a
nd we’ll see what happens. Red for partnered, but still fun. The dance was just amazing. So much fun and so many hot men. I gotta give props to the Canadians. Theyalways come out in force on these Atlantis trips. But my question is: how do you get that many gay men to wear the same thing and get them to show up at the same time?

I danced until I was hot and sweaty and then went up to get blown away by the wind as I tried to snap a pic of sunset. I think that’s Cuba in the background.

As I head down stairs to change, I discovered the after Dog Tag dance underwear party. I had met some guys waiting in the line to board the ship who had told me about it and invited me. It’s in a suite that’s apparently larger than my condo and they thought there were going to be 200 hundred guys there. While tempting, I decline the offer. Sounds a little bit too
claustrophobic for me.

Shower, costume change, and then off to see the comedy showcase. All of them were really good, but I love Alex Mapa. He’s a riot and not afraid to talk trash about the owner of Atlantis. “F#$k it, I’m on a series (Ugly Betty) so I can say what I want.” A late dinner and then it’s time for the Mardi Gras dance.

Now I only brought costumes for two parties. The dog tag dance (some cammie shorts, I know, so exciting) and the white party (some white football pants). But some people go all out for the Mardi Gras Party. Lots of great costumes. As is usual on these trips, less is more. I.e. less clothing is more hot. And with the wind, ornate or extravagant costumes can become giants sails to catch the wind. I ran into some folks I’ve seen on previous trips that had two foot tall Marie Antoinette hair-dos. And they were holding on to them the whole time.

I think I made it to 1AM that night. Getting better!