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Work and Politics

Well they say you should never mix work and politics. And boy are they right. Because when it does happen, it's rarely pretty.

So I work for a defense contractor, so it's a pretty conservative environment, though I'm out and it's common knowledge (or so I thought) that I'm a little bit towards the left on the political scale. And my CEO likes to tweak me sometimes about it. And whenever that happens I usually go, "Oh, look at the time, I've got a meeting, gotta run, ciao!" And it works.

So last Friday my CEO comes into my office and asks, "So how did you end up giving $X amount of money to the Obama campaign? That's kind of an odd amount." And I laughed a bit to buy some time, and then said, "Well, I gave money at various times, kind of spur of the moment. Usually when I got mad. When Hillary won NH, when Palin was announced, etc." And he laughed and said that he had been on the FEC website and I asked him if I was the only one who had given money from our company and he didn't answer. He did say that I could go online to see who he had given money too. Umm, that's okay. And I'm not really worried about the conversation as my CEO and I trade light barbs back and forth pretty frequently. After the Inaugration I gave him a chocolate bar that had Obama's face carved in it. So it's all in good fun.

So I'm in San Diego (which is colder than DC and WTF is with that!) and I'm having dinner with some other people from my company including my new boss who is really hands off, which is good, but which means I haven't really gotten to know him really well yet. So over a glass of wine I thought it would be funny to tell the story about the CEO coming into my office. Wow, what a mistake. If my CEO is conservative, my new boss is rabidly conservative. And he just went off on Obama lying , etc and I was just kind of stunned. And of course now I'm like, back the f%ck off. So I kind of responded with the littany of lies that the W administration spewed. Then one of my good friends said, "So you know what you're giving says about you, right? That you don't like women." And everyone laughed. Because it's obviously not true in the sense that he means, but it kind of is true since I'm gay. And then I thought, hmm, I wonder if my new boss knows I'm gay. Sigh. That's another coming out and I'll save that for another day.

Spinning the subject wheel completely. I *L*O*V*E this song. And oddly enought I've got the dance version (natch!), but I like this version better!