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I Know Hope

Looking back at yesterday, I still get chills.

Several times during the day, I slipped back to my room to get my internet fix of news, updates, etc. Love me some Andrew! He was a rock and the stories he posted from readers across the U.S. caused me to well up with emotions more than a couple of times. Hoping that you're going to see something as spectacular as we saw yesterday, and actually seeing it happen just bordered on the surreal. And I've apparently invested a lot of my emotions in this election as I was tense, proud, worried, hopeful, inspired, saddened, and exhilarated as the night progressed.

I went body surfing in the crashing waves around 5PM here in PV. Great waves, and they wore me down. I was physically and emotionally exhausted by the time I parked myself in front of the large TVs in the lounge.

I plugged in my laptop as well so I wasn't completely trapped by CNN. I could get coverage from a number of sources. And I was drinking. If there was a time to drink, it was then. Vodka and cranberry. And the waitress kept bringing it. When the polls closed on the east coast, it was game on. And slowly over the night, the lobby began to get crowded. When CNN made the first projection for Obama, the crowd roared. And it would only get louder as the night progressed. I was also checking on Prop 8 in CA and Ammendment 2 in FL. I can't tell you how many times I pressed the refresh button on my browser to get the latest numbers.

The cheers for each new state called for Obama continued to grow louder as more and more people crammed into the lounge, or hung out on the patio outside. The highlights? Liddy Dole getting her behind kicked in NC. When Virginia was finally called for Obama. When Colorado was finally called for Obama. And of course when the polls closed on the west coast and CNN called the election for Obama. The raging cheers and screams of joy crashed around us, and I think around the world. What a truly spectacular night.

Needless to say by the time Obama gave his fantastic speech, I was just exhausted. I was spent and would have cried if I wasn't surrounded by a whole bunch of guys.

While America faces many problems, I really think we've got the right President to address them.

I know hope!