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Endless Pool and Phone Banking

So I went to my self esteem crushing gym (SECG) twice today. Yes I'm a glutton for punishment, but we knew that. Anyways, I went there this AM to try the endless pools. You know those little mini pools where there is a current you swim against and you basically stay in the middle. So two things. One, it's not as easy as it looks. You've got to get the speed of the current correct or you'll be too close, or too far back and run into the wall. And I don't know about other people, but the speed I swim freestyle and the speed I swim breast stroke are NOT the same. So that was kind of weird also. Plus, while I don't use my legs much in a regular pool, they sort of trail behind me and aren't an issue. In the endless pools, my legs starts to sink, so I'm not completely parallel in the water which makes swimming kind of awkward. Anyways, my point is: it's not easy.

I guess my other thing is that the beauty of swimming is the weightlessness you feel when you are swimming. Say you've a little bit on the large size, in the pool you feel weightless and you don't really think about how fat you are. So there's this illusions of not being fat. Well the endless pool has a little mirror on the bottom of the pool. Ostensibly that's supposed to help you maintain the correct position in the pool. But really what it does is destroy that illusion of weightlessness when you are forced to look at the large amount of flubber you are pulling through the water. So not right.

After the gym and doing some chores, I limped down to the metro and went out to Ballston to phone bank for Obama. Another great experience. The vibe in the room was great and it was just packed with people. On a rainy Saturday afternoon. And such a great mix of people. Old, young (there were some teenages with their parents even!), black, white and everything in between, gay, straight, etc. It was just great. And the Obama campaign has got a great system going.

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