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Change is Coming!

So I went down to Judiciary Square on Thursday AM to vote. I guess I went down in 2006 (?) to do early voting and it was a piece of cake. Thursday AM, not so much. I got there around 820AM. Ten minutes before the polls even opened and the line snaked through the rather big lobby atleast five times. It was just insane. As I waited the line, got longer, eventually snaking out the door, to the street, and then down the block. But it was all good. Half the people were hunched over their crackberries doing work (um . . . . guilty). The other half just stood there quietly or softly talking. It was pretty orderly. I voted! But I didn't fill out the whole ballot. For the races I didn't know, I just left them blank. I did NOT write in Carol Schwartz. There was a news camera there and apparently the lines were on the news Thursday night. And I guess after I left, they added additional electronic voting booths. So that's good.

The CAT scan went fine. I think I almost fell asleep. I'll get the results after I get back from Puerta Vallarta.

Since I failed to get my guilty beach reading earlier in the week, I walked over to Lamdba Rising to grab some books. And while I know it's Halloween, I just haven't been thinking about it much. So I saw lots of costumes. Some good, some bad. Some need to cover more skin. Tight short shorts and a muffin top are not a good look on anyone.

Anyways, Happy Halloween!

Go Vote!

Know Hope!