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PTown Redux: Da Beach and Da Bears

Hello World! So yes I am alive, but once I got back from Ptown I just completely lost control of my life. So I'm back. Ish. You know how it is.

Ptown. Wow. I just looked at my pictures and I want to go back. NOW! And I'm seriously thinking about ways to go back next summer, so the whole summer! But first the rest of the story.

So Thursday was supposed to be my beach day. I want to go late, miss T, and then stay for sunset. Everyone talks about how the air and the light up there is special because the land is surrounded by water on three sides and I completely agree. Anyways, I spent the morning walking around taking some pictures in town, and then did some shopping. Mostly window shopping, but I did need to bring back some gifts. Finally around 230ish I headed to the beach. It was the usual trek across the tidal flats until I got to "my spot" and proceeded to bake. The beach was not that crowded, but there were some people near by. So I read for a bit, went for a swim, etc. And then I'm like, wait, what time is sunset? 8PMish. And it's only 530PM? Wow. Yeah, so I really should have come early, laid out, then gone back into town for a late lunch, nap, etc and then come back around 630ish, but I wasn't thinking. But I did get some great photos as the beach started to empty out and people started making their way back into town. I had a mission, so I was staying. And it was so worth it. The sunset was just amazing and reminded me of why I love it in Ptown. It's just so beautiful. I snapped away as the sun slowly sank below the horizon. It was clear so the sunset was spectacular. There was one big puffy cloud that seemed to capture all of the light and slowly changed color as the sun sank. In addition to just being amazed by the overwhelming beauty of the sunset, I was alone, all alone on the beach. It was quite the surreal feeling to be witness to this gorgeous sunset as the waves gently broke along the beach. With my headphones on, I danced along the beach a bit, just a little crazy I know, but in a good way. I stopped to take more photos and then as the dusk started to come, I knew it was time to leave. I was not looking forward to crossing the tidal flats, now at near high tide, in the dark. As I crossed over the dune, I swear I saw a fox or a wolf, but it saw me and quickly trotted away. The trek back across the tidal flats wasn't bad and there was enough light from the moon to guide my steps. I have to say that spending sunset at the beach was probably one of my all time highlights at Ptown.

I missed the Solid Gold T at the Boatslip on Thursday, but I could tell you that the Bears were starting to arrive by that time. Thursday night and then definitely on Friday the town started to fill up with the large and hirsute. Now, it's kind of funny, but I think the town likes bear week more than the circuit party week. The only thing the party boi's do is drink water and dance. The bears like to drink and they like to eat. So it's definitely good for business. Plus, the bears are just nice. There's very little attitude with the bears. By Friday's T dance, I was feeling young and thin! And I was sporting a relatively weak goat-tee, but atleast I was trying! Friday and Saturday slipped by too quickly. I do remember the Hat Sisters arriving at the T and the crowd roaring their approval. They are quite the celebrities in Ptown. Speaking of celebrities, DC's own Bob Mould and Rich Morel were in the house in preparation for a special Blow Off for Bear Week. And I did see some of the DC A-list bears as well. So it was a great way to end my time in Ptown.

As I boarded the ferry back to reality on Sunday AM, I thought back about the really great week I had. I read 4 new books, which is one of my goals. I had spent some time doing some real thinking about life, etc. And I had just one of the most relaxing weeks. It really was just the best time.