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Corey Hart - The Singles?

I'm having some built-in bookshelves built in my condo and so I needed to clean out the little glass shelves where the built-ins will go. The little glass shelves that hold the hundreds of CDs I own that I rarely, if ever, listen to. So I put then all in a suitcase and will dust them off and put them back into the new bookshelves once they are built. But then I started thinking, hmm, I wonder if I should burn the one or two songs I like from each CD to my PC and then junk the CD. I grabbed a handful of CDs and what did I get? The Best of Howard Jones. Go West - The Hits. The Best of Don Henley. And Corey Hart - The Singles.

Really? Corey Hart - The Singles. As in plural? I was intrigued so I popped in the CD and started to listen to it. So I will admit that I recognized two or three songs. So yes, I guess there is a plural there. The songs are burned, and the CD is trash.

Here's an interesting remix of Corey Hart's bit hit: