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Cell Free, Paris, and Assimilation

My great IT guys at work got me a new cell phone.

And activated it.

When I wasn't in the office.

Killing my existing phone.

So I'm cell phone free.

Till I pick up the new one tomorrow.

How do people live like this?

What do I do now?

Oh, so totally loving the Paris Hilton ad. Just too funny. But one of the even funnier things I read about it was, "Look, yes it was scripted, yes she's just speaking the words and probably doesn't understand it really. But McCain's ads are scripted. He's just speaking the words. And he probably doesn't understand it either. But atleast she *sounds* like she does. Oddly enough this whole little episode makes me like her just a little bit.

Well I'm slowly becoming like one of the hordes of business men (and women) who I see every day when I commute to work. I've ditched my very nice looking, but not comfortable dress shoes for these faux leather sneakers that look like loafers. They are passable I guess. And I'm plugged in to my iPod so I can ignore the homeless and the crazies. And I finally broke down and bought a roller bag for work. Look, I like the backpack. It's a young look, that says, "Sure I'm hauling my laptop home every night so I can do even more work, but secretly I'm kind of cool." But it's killing me. Add the backpack to the heat and humidity of August and it's not a good combination. I'm DRENCHED by the time I get to the metro. It's just ugly. So I got a small little roller bag. Yes, I know, another obstacle for my fellow commuters. Sorry. Deal with it.

Oh, and is "I'll see you at the debate, bitches!" really that popular?