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Home Again

It happened again. Oh the flight up to Boston was fine. Caught the water taxi. Got on the ferry. Opened up the laptop and started doing work. I've got a ton of things to do this week despite the fact that I'll be in Ptown. But the seas were a bit rough and after awhile trying to do work on the laptop wasn't going to happen. So I closed the laptop and went up front, to the outside deck. As the wind whipped around me on a sunny summer afternoon, as I held on the metal bar for dear life as the deck bounced up and down and all around, as I watched the families, and couples (gay and straight), and everyone else strain their eyes to catch the first glimpse of Ptown, I felt all of my dreary, boring, repetitive life drain away. All of my cares and worries just blew away, forced out of my mind as the wind screamed around me. I've felt it before, but it feels new every time. For some reason coming to Ptown feels like coming home. And as that feeling started to spread throughout my body, I started to smile. I started to bounce with the rolling deck. I started to turn my face to the sun and feel it's warm embrace. And it felt good.

I've already settled into my Ptown routine. Get up late (9ish), have a light breakfast. Then poolside (beach tomorrow!) at the Boatslip till about 3PM. A late lunch and a change of attire before the T-Dance. Dance until I'm dripping with sweat and *have* to take my shirt off at the T-Dance. Then it's back to my room for a shower and another change of attire. Then it's off to wander the streets and bars looking for love (or lust, or something in between). I do have some shows I want to go see. One by her. (totally NSFW but funny as hell!) Plus Ms. Ritchfield 1981!

Oh, porn star sighting #2. He was just hanging out on the street. I talked with the guys at my guest house and apparently he's in a show here, plus he works at the Gay Men's Clinic.

So the 4th here was great. DJ Mary Alice does an extended T Dance set and I think I'm now officially old/crippled, but it was just a blast. Lots of great songs! The fireworks were awesome also! Today all of the twinks should be leaving. The 4th of July weekend is the big SummerCamp circuit party here in Ptown. So lots of tweaked out twinks, plus a bunch of muscle marys sharing their weightlifting secrets and how many cycles of steriods they've done. Not really being judgemental, just a bit jealous. But they should all slowly slip out of town and then it will be quiet until the bears start to arrive next weekend. This really is the best week for me. I start off in circuit week feeling old and fat and then I end up in Bear Week feeling young and thin! Well, thin-ish!

Don't Panic! has closed, but I did see some great t-shirts:

- Gurl! You Ain't a Top! (actually I saw that in NYC last weekend)
- Think Long and Hard (great double entendree!)
- Please Let Me Know If I've Slept With You Before

Oh, so a question for general discussion: If the tatoo on the lower back of a girl is called a "tramp stamp", what's it called when it's on a gay guy? Calling it a tramp stamp would be redundant right? Discuss amongst yourselves!

Oh, and here's a song from that DJ Mary Alice played that I love!