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The Gays and the Gals

Saturday night I joined SuperLawyer, his BF, and his kids to go see Prince Caspian down in Gtown. As part of my new car diet, I decided to walk. It's a bit of a hike. Like almost 2 miles, but I figure the exercise would be good. Plus there is no good Metro for Gtown, so I would end up walking a lot anyways. One of the things I like about walking to Gtown is cutting down off of M St to walk along the canal. It really is cool. And just makes the walk a little bit more interesting.

So after leaving the canal path, I cut down one of the streets and I fall behind two women who are dressed to the nines. Love the dress, love the shoes, love it all. And I'm thinking it must be hard to walk down this steep cobblestone sidewalk in those high heels. There must be some sort of wedding reception or some party at the Washington Harbor that they are heading to. But no, they turn the corner and head to the theatres. And that's when it dawned on me. They are going to see "Sex and the City".

Yep, they were going to see a movie and they had dressed up in their best dresses and their favorite Manola Blahniks. And they weren't alone. There were TONS of women. All dressed up. Though I will say that I did see a number of unfortunate fashion choices. Now if they only served cosmos at the theatre, it would be a real party.

As I waited (and waited, and waited, and waited, etc) for Superlawyer and crowd to arrive, I had a great spot to people watch. And while I'm going to say that the crowd was about 80% women (it was showing on 3 screens and all but one 1145PM showing was sold out), the gay were out in force also. But we're much more subtle in our fashion choices, more utilitarian. So the pre-requisite skinny jeans and t-shirts that are just a little bit too tight. Usually an A&F shirt or some shirt with some bit of print on it, but off centered, of course. So yes we'll dress up to go see Carrie and the gals, but we'll be able to head over to Ultra-hip lounge or Juniors without looking out of place. Oh, and I can't begin to tell you how many air kisses I saw while I was standing there. Gays and gals alike.

Oh, Prince Caspian was good. Saw some good previews. Thumbs up.

Here's some vintage Belinda to close out. We had a tornado watch Saturday PM and we had quite a little storm: winds, lighting, thunder. I do love summer storms.