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Compatible Cursing?

So I try not to curse on this blog. Well, too much. I'll say f$%k every once in awhile here, but that's usually it. In real life (you know that stuff that happens when you aren't looking at a computer screen?), I curse a bit. I was in the Navy, so I've got a PhD in cursing, but I don't practice it much. Sure a little f&%k, or sh!t will slip out from time to time, but again, not so much.

And so I'm not really sure how to react when someone curses alot. And weirdly. It just seems odd, and off putting. Seriously, who uses the term, "ho-bag"? I'm not exactly sure what it means, but I get the drift.

So how important is cursing compatibility when you are dating someone? Is it a deal breaker?