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Cold and Grey

Not just the weather, but me also. I've been feeling pretty blah these past couple of weeks. Tired, a little bit depressed, just worn down. The cold and grey seems to sap my soul just a bit. And since I need to put up the good front at work, when I get home I just sort of dissolve. I climb into my pajamas, do more work, usually eat something bad for me, and then crawl into bed. Getting up to go the gym is just a dream. When I do wake up in the morning, I'm huddled under my covers in the fetal position and I just don't want to get up. Too much to do and not enough time in the day, even if I had the energy.

I'm looking forward to the cruise. I am. But I'm really not sure I'm in the right head space. But we'll see. It's not like I can back out at this point. Maybe some time in the sun, albeit surrounded by many depressingly attractive men, will do me some good. Who knows.