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Not A Good Way to Start the New Year

So I got up at 0510 this morning to go the gym. I didn't go yesterday so I had some gym guilt that I needed to sweat out via the elliptical. I get up, get dressed, and bundle up as the temp has dropped over night and the TV reporter is talking about snow in western VA and MD. I walk out to my car in the blistery wind, drove to the Gold's Gym in Rosslyn and it was . . . . . . .


And there were about a dozen people huddled outside it. Now it's supposed to open at 5AM, and I'm there at 540 or so. And I'm hoping that no one's been waiting that long. What do you do if you make the gym part of your routine in the AM and this is where you go to shower and changed before work?

Anyways, I sat in my nice warm car for about 10 minutes until the guy finally showed up and opened the gym.

Hmm, not a good way to start the new year!