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Bubble Boy

If all goes as planned, I'll become Bubble Boy shortly after 10AM tomorrow. I say if as I've got a little bit of an insurance hiccup I'm dealing with. Again, I've been very lucky and very blessed in dealing with all of this crap, but I hit a snag last week.

I need to get pre-certified by my insurance company before I can be admitted to the hospital. They told me the Dr's office should do it. So I call my Dr's office (not my GP, my specialist) and the "lovely" receptionist says the hospital needs to do the pre-certification. So I call the nuclear radiology department at the hospital (who have actually been pretty cool) and they are like, "Yeah, we do the treatment, but it's under your Dr's orders, so it needs to come from them." Which kind of makes sense (oooh, logic. Danger Will Robinson, Danger!).

Anyways, I call the "lovely" receptionist back and now she's singing a different tune. She'd do it, but she doesn't know the procedure code. And now I'm kind of tired of this BS. "You don't know the code? Isn't this a fairly common procedure for someone with thyroid cancer? Are you telling me you don't know the code?" I ask a little bit exasperated! Nope, she doesn't. But the hospital does. Agh. So I call back to the hospital. They are a bit surprised as well, but atleast they offer to call the "lovely" receptionist and "remind" her what the code is. And then they give me a call back saying it's all good. Well, almost. Because when I call on Friday to find out the results of the radiology pictures (which they won't give me, thanks!), the "lovely" receptionist says that my pre-certification is still pending. She says that she's called the insurance company several times and have given them all of the information. But right now my admission is still pending. Lovely. NOT!

So I want to be Bubble Boy. I've got this planned down to the wire on what I'm doing when. And I don't want to end up either staying longer in the hospital, or pushing this treatment back a week or more. Especially cause I'm kind of sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want the treatment over, so I can get on the long term thyroid drug and start to feel better. Damn IT!

So hopefully you won't hear from me till Thanksgiving! Have a good one!