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Why I Love Jon Stewart (Reason #45342)

So I'm catching up with the madness of Washington politics using the only sane method possible. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Here's his description of Albert Gonzales just pathetic appearance in front of Congress:

"So what Albert Gonzales is saying is
That there are problems,
of which he cannot speak,
for which he is responsible,
yet not to blame,
and that he is the only one who could clean up the mess
that he can neither confirm nor deny exists."

Funny, and yet sad.

On a more positive note, it looks like there are still some honorable men in the U.S. military that are fighting the Gitmo trials and have caused the Supreme Court to re-look at the legality of the trials down there.

After reading about the continuing lies and cover up regarding Pat Tillman's death and then the Austalian government's legal review of the mockery of a trial at Gitmo, I needed something a little positive to make it through the week.