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Better Know A District!

Well, despite my attempts to keep track of Stephen Colbert's 427 part series called "Better Know a District", it looks like I need to take a step back and see what I really know about my District.

On Thursday I had to go see my endocrine-surgeon at the Washington Hospital Center. Umm, the what? I didn't even know it existed. I'm good with the Georgetown Hospital, Sibley Hospital, and George Washington Hospital. And yes I'm vaguely aware that Howard University has a Hospital, but WHC? First I'd heard of it. So I leave work and I drive up into North DC. Wow, this is no longer the Shire. And I'm kind of fascinated by the different neighborhoods that I wander through due to a bad combination of Google Maps and road construction. But once I make it up there, I realize that the WHC is just part of a HUGE hospital complex to include the VA Hospital, plus some other ones. It was very impressive. But a pain to navigate, much less find parking.

My appointment with my Dr went fine. I'm going to wait to go under the knife until I get back from my various vacations planned for this summer. I'm not going to let a little thing like cancer stop me from my gay and fabulous vacations lined up for this summer. So that's good. Plus that gives me time to arrange for Mom's visit etc. So that's all good.

The funny thing is that it took me an hour to get from my office to WHC. When I left, I asked for directions home and it took me about 10 minutes. So weird. And I'm still amazed that I didn't even know WHC existed. I live about 99% of my life in a strange 5 square miles that includes both Dupont and Rosslyn. And for me to leave my little comfortable section of DC is quite uncommon. But I do need to get out more and see more of the District. But that would require me to have a life, and that's a different discussion for a different day!