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The Ole Rock Climbing Injury

That's my new story.

See back in the day I was backpacking through Patagonia with some friends. We had just hiked over into southern Chile looking to climp up into Torres Del Paine National Park. We had crossed several mountain passes, waded through cold rushing streams, and were climbing up the face of a steep rock wall to get to the top of the mountain when one of my ropes slipped, I fell, only about 20 feet or so, but landed on my foot badly and tore my achilles tendon. I was lucky, but to this day it still bothers me. Some days more than other, but hey, that's the kind of guy I am.

The truth?

OH MY GAWD my foot hurts. It's fricking killing me.

I think it's THE GOUT! Part DEUX!

So I had the problem with my foot (mainly in the toe area) before I left to go to Paris. I take drugs, and like in a day or so, I'm fine. I stop taking the drugs. I walk all over Paris. No problems. Yesterday I start to notice that it's hurting again. Today, oh yes, it's hurting alright. It's f&cking killing me. And I've been hobbling around like a stupid gimp and I hate it.

Sure I get a little bit of sympathy, but then when I tell people it's the gout, they look at me kid of funny and just sort of shake their head and walk away.

So, the next person to ask me, it's just the ole rock climbing injury acting up again.