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I know I am but what are you!

But seriously.

So I've been watching Work Out on Bravo. LOVE IT!

During my weekend spent in bed trying to suffer through migraines, I watched a couple of episodes. In one, Jesse is talking about how he's probably in the worse shape of any of the trainers on the show. "I'm not fat. Well, I may be gay fat," he said. And that just killed me. It's true. You can be in "normal" shape and be considered "gay fat". It really is quite strange/sad. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is just rampant in the gay community.

The other episode I watched Jackie is talking about a lesbian couple who want to lose weight. And I think it's Jesse again who says, "They aren't fat, well they are nesting fat. Happy fat." That I've found someone who loves me and it's alright if I have dessert more than once a week kind of fat.

I wish I was either.

After losing almost 14 pounds, I fell off the diet wagon and then rolled downhill. Today was the first day in probably 3 weeks that I've been to the gym. I did 50 minutes of cardio. Which didn't completely suck. I want to do some cardio for a week before I get on the scale. I'm afraid to get on the scales. Very afraid.