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Home Again!

It felt great to drive home this evening through my secret path through downtown in the warm spring air. Well, maybe not warm, but cool with a hint of warmness. Plus you could just barely make out the humidity hanging in the air illuminated by the street lights beneath the almost foggy sky. I loved it. And I was so glad to be home.

My trip to Omaha, yes Omaha, was not fun. The work portion of it was okay, the rest? Not so much. Flight hassles, hotel hassles, you name it. Loved the Holiday Inn Express with my fabulous view of the highway. In Nebraska! Don't get me started. Or the fact that I sort of made a comment about how dinner at Hooters wasn't exactly my thing, and then all I heard was how everyone was bummed about not going to dinner at Hooters. Are you FRAKKIN KIDDING ME!!!! If Hooters is considered fine dining, then I've surely been to hell, and thankfully escaped. More flight delays and hassles getting back today. I spent some quality time at Eppley Field, that's the Omaha airport. Not sure why it's not called the Omaha Regional Airport, or something like that, but whatever. The fine dining options consisted of cheese curds and A&W burgers. Oh, and needless to say I've fallen off the diet wagon and bounced three time. It all started with the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that Midwest Express serves on their flights. And then it went downhill from there.

Anyways, trapped at Eppley Field by bad weather and more plane hassles, I had plenty of opportunity to get my pop culture fix. And in case you are wondering, here are the headlines:

Star: Hollywood Nannies Tell ALL
People: Angelina's New Son!
Us Weekly: Inside Katie's Prison
In Touch: The Killer Is . . . . (which I think is about Anna Nicole)

Just shoot me.

Anyways, I'm just SO glad to be back from America's heartland and home, sweet home!!