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Blow Off, Poppy Seeds, and DCHB Update (or not)

So I did make it to Blow Off last night. I went with Stick Boy (sorry, I couldn't think of a better knickname, but I'm open to suggestions) and I think he had an okay time. He referred to it as the Man's Man crowd. Which I will have to agree with. Not quite so hard core as the Eagle crowd, though I did see a couple of harnesses. And not quite so twinky as the Apex crowd, though I did see quite a few of them. I personally liked it, and definitely got my groove on. So that was fun. Early on it was mainly a social type thing with people just talking and drinking. It was all good. Bob was spinning that there was this little lithe queen doing sort of a vogue-ing thing right up front. And Blow Off so isn't the vogue-ing scene. But she was working it for all it was worth. And I think she kep trying to get Bob's eye, and I'm not sure if Bob was just in the zone and not seeing anyone, or if he purposely trying to ignore her. But it was really quite funny. As the evening/morning got later, there was more drinking and more dancing. I don't remember everyone doing shots the last time I was at Blow Off, but maybe that was a St. Paddy's day thing. I was san alcohol and I think when I'm not drinking that I have a low tolerance for annoying drunk people. And I think there were a lot there last night. Anyways, we bailed around 130AM, kind of early, but maybe I'll make it later next time.

The reason for the early (ish) night was that I had church and then my volunteer stint at the House of Ruth. So after church, it was just our fearless leader and me as we made the trek into North East DC. And while it was probably less than 5 miles, the differences between my nice little safe corner of the ghood and their neighborhood was like night and day. Anyways, we usually help them cook a meal (and making carrot cake for 60 is a story I'll share another day), they had a leaking pipe in the kitchen, so we really couldn't cook. Instead, we helped out with chores and one of the chores was throwing food away! Apparently they had gotten inundated with bread, so we were throwing away all of these bagels. Specifically the bagels with poppy seeds. I guess there were concerns about some of the women with past substance abuse problems testing positive for drugs based on the poppy seeds. Of course that just reminded me of Elaine!

Well, I still want to pursue DCHB Night, but I think I need to wait a bit. Work is a pretty maddening vortex right now and I'm on the road to Omaha (ugh!) and Paris (yea!) in the next two weeks. So my new plan is to try to start spinning that back up in early April. So stand by for more on that!